The Biggest IRS Scandal in Sports Finally Exposed

Back in 2011, the highest-ranking American in international soccer Chuck Blazer said that there are two types of soccer executives: “those who take bribes, and those who pay them,” and then the world stopped for a second. It was very…

May 01, 2022


Notice of Intent to Levy Explained

A tax levy is one of the harshest collection mechanisms used by state taxing authorities and the IRS. It is the legal seizure of taxpayers’ assets when there are taxes owed. A tax levy is different from a tax lien…

April 29, 2022


What Are the Most Common IRS Notices?

                  As a taxpayer, you have the right to be notified of any changes, activities, or actions regarding your tax account. These updates or reminders come in computer-generated letters or CP notices;…

April 27, 2022

Owe Money to the IRS? Use These Money Saving Tips Before You File

Tax time is not fun, but reaching the end and finding you owe money is even worse. If the results of your tax preparation activities are less than optimal, you might think the only choice is to write the check,…

April 06, 2022

Entertainment Facility: Perk for You, Your Net Worth, and Your Employees

Imagine this: your Schedule C business buys a home at the beach, uses it solely as an entertainment facility for business, pays off the mortgage, and deducts all the expenses. Now say, 10 years later, without any tax consequence to…

April 04, 2022

Vacation Home Rental – What’s Best for You: Schedule C or E?

Do you have a beach or mountain home that you rent out? If the average period of rental is less than 30 days, you likely have a choice—either claim the income and expenses on Schedule C, or claim the income…

April 02, 2022

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